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MonkeyFish Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bookmarksBookmarks class
colourpickA color picker represented as a coloured button
configA wxConfig object sub-classed with some helper monkeys
dirtreeA view to the file system
DnDFileFile drop handler
DnDProjFileFile drop
editorctrlSub-classed wxStyledTextControl re-purposed for our nefarious needs
fileinfoData attached to a tree node representing a disk artifact
luaThe lua engine
mltextboxA dialog for input of multi-line text
MonkeyFishappThe application class
MonkeyFishFrameThe main frame
myToolMenuItemSimple tool menuItem to allow us to keep the path of the tool
prefsdlgA dialog to allow manipulation of user's application preferences
prefspageA notebook page for a preferences sub-group
processpanelPanel containing a text area for process output and some process controls
projectpanelPanel containing the project tree and some toolbar controls
projecttreeTree view into the project structure and manipulation tools
projitemData attached to a tree node representing a project item
projtoolData attached to a tree node representing a project tool
sidebarA container for the project and dir trees
spellcheckerAn abstraction of a spell checker
yamlYou have stumbled upon a yaml parser, do you want to run or fight
yamlnodeYou see a yaml node containing some information

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