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MonkeyFish Api Documentation



This documentation is intended for developers who are working with the MonkeyFish source code. It is not intended to be general user documentation.

User documentation can be found here somewhere.

These build notes are off the top of my head. YMMV, caveat emptor, rock the casbah and all that other stuff.

Building on Linux/GTK

Building on Windows

I've only built this with the MinGW tools. If you use something else you're on your own but I would love a detailed explanation of how you did it so I can include it in the docs and others may dig on it too. Make everything static (--disable-shared). You'll be happier.

Building in OS/X

You can build MonkeyFish with dylibs (--enable-shared) if you are just building it for yourself but if you want to give it to your wife for valentines day you need to make everything static and package it with a box of chocolates. You could also make an Xcode project and do it that way and I would be delighted to include a copy with the distribution.

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