MonkeyFish is an editing environment oriented toward programmers and programming. It uses wxWidgets for a cross-platform GUI, Scintilla for the editing environment and Lua for scripting. MonkeyFish is not an IDE. In fact, nothing is integrated. It's actually more of an unintegrated development enviroment. It is/offers:

  • Cross-platform consistency for Linux/GTK, OS/X and Windows.
  • A familiar editing environment with syntax highlighting, bookmarks, etc.
  • A disk view for file access, copy, move, delete, etc.
  • A project tree for managing sources.
  • A method to hook outboard tools into the environment for easy access.
  • A basic optional sub-set of emacs key bindings.
  • A scripting toolkit for customization, macros, templates, tools, etc.

Check out the user documentation if you want to know more.


Updates in SVN
I've been doing updates as things start to irk me and as I come across bugs. Changes are in the SVN repo. I picked up a bunch of contracts that have had me working on other things and thus the gap in the news but I am using the editor everyday for my working world and update the repo accordingly.
posted: May 12, 2006
Source distribution
The first source distribution is available via the download link.
posted: Mar 15, 2006
SVN Repo
Source is available now via svn. You can browse the repo here or check it out anon with:
svn co monkeyfish
This software is still alpha and has not been extensively tested. If you do give it a whirl, please let me know what you find using the project page bug tracker so I can add it to the list.
posted: Mar 13, 2006


Gnome (95k png)
Mac OS/X (147k png)
Windows XP (91k png)